Aren’t you tired of reading health and wellness articles that address you as if you’re a professional or assume you’re already living a healthy lifestyle?

Do they mention ingredients you’ve never heard of or exercises you’ve never heard of?

And while they aim for an audience already at the finish line, you’re stuck at the start not even sure if you want to participate in the race.

The uncertainty of whether or not to run, the indecisiveness to dip your toes into this lifestyle is our speciality here at Boy Meets Bod.

We know how best to take the first steps because we’re taking them with you.



My name is Mateusz Zukowski and before last year, I had no interests whatsoever in my health nor did I invest any time in my well-being.

Sure I was fit, but I was making poor health decisions. These decisions included my diet, my training, how much I slept etc.

Which in turn affected everything else such as work, school, relationships, family etc.

Although I made sure the intensity was there in every workout, thanks to my passion for bodybuilding and success, I wasn’t taking any steps forward.

Every workout brought me happiness, positivity and everything exercising brings to the table, but at the end of the day I was stuck in the same place.

The poor decisions I was making outside of the gym were outweighing those I made inside the gym and I wasn’t getting any closer to my goal.

So finally, in the summer of 2018, I started doing things differently.

No, I didn’t change my life just like that. I didn’t start sleeping more and eating healthier and training more consistently overnight.

Instead, I started writing.

I realized that motivation didn’t grow on trees and that I’d need a ton of it in order to get myself to my finish line.

So I start writing and researching with the idea that if I try and teach others the mistakes I’ve made and the lessons I learned, I could use their feedback as my motivation.

NOTE – This was only possible because fitness is my passion otherwise I would have never been able to start writing and researching on my own. Remember this as you create and follow your own dreams.

In fact, it wasn’t only about fitness that I was writing about. I was writing about anything from motivation to dream chasing to love etc.

From the moment I started typing something of my own and not for my teachers, I realized that this was something I could continue doing and enjoy it.

One thing led to another and after much writing practice, Boy Meets Bod was created.



If you’ve read fitness and health articles prior to my own, don’t expect similarities.

I understand the statistics.

I understand that less than a quarter of Americans are getting enough exercise and that obesity rates exceed 25% in 48 states.

I understand that if yesterday you were eating Dunkin’ Donuts or cereal for breakfast, there’s absolutely no way you’ll make oatmeal with fruits and nuts today.

I understand that if the last time you’ve exercised was in college, there’s absolutely no way you’ll buy a gym membership and follow a training program.

If you read the article, “5 Tasty and Healthy Alternatives To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth”, you can expect alternatives to Snickers and Pop Tarts that are actually healthy but more importantly, tasty.

The reason I say taste is more important is because I know you don’t eat for function like I do. I know that if I recommended oatmeal with fruits and nuts, you wouldn’t eat it.

As someone who hasn’t taken the first step or tested the waters, how something tastes governs if you’ll eat it at all. So the alternatives I mentioned take that into account and have a ratio of 50/50 in terms of health and taste.

Overtime, you’ll find yourself increase the ratio in favor of health.

Or if you saw an article titled, “How To Prepare For Your First Gym Session”, you can expect more than one way to prepare that don’t even require weights!

Here at Boy Meets Bod, you can expect a transition that focuses on your needs.

A transition that takes into account your struggles and weaknesses.

A transition thats smooth, enjoyable and one you can be proud of.

Best of luck on your journey,